Tuesday, December 7, 2010

snowflake Christmas wreath

I whipped up this cutie last night with some leftover snowflake ornaments I had.
I bought this wreath at the D.I. for a buck:
I also came across this fabric and grabbed it for also only a buck:
I had a feeling I could use it for something Christmasy!
So I cut it into wide strips and wrapped it around the ugly wreath:
I used lots of hot glue as I went to hold it tightly in place.
After I got it all wrapped, it looked like this:
Not too pretty, right?
Well, this is when I added the green and gold snowflakes.
 I just hot glued them on, every other.
Then, after I got the first layer done, I slipped the opposite color behind and hot glued those into place:
Very simple process and it went fairly quick!
I was surprised how well the hot glue held the snowflakes into place.
Then I spray painted a cardboard barn star that I bought at Michael's, black and suspended it from the top.
I just used an ornament hook and poked it through the fabric.
I added on some long ribbon that I had in my ribbon box, and here it is:




  1. Wow, what a transformation. I love it. I have a few wreaths and I've seen lots of inexpensive glittered ornaments. I might just have to go buy some more since all of mine are on my trees.

  2. I love that! It looks fantastic! Thanks so much for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

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