Thursday, December 16, 2010

countdown to Christmas blocks

Heather and Clarissa teamed up for this project.
We have seen a lot of blocks counting down the days to Christmas,
so we had to make some for our own homes!
They are such a fun and cute holiday decor item and kids love them!
It's so fun for them to change the numbers everyday for the big countdown.
To start this project, we cut a wood fence post into two 4x4 cubes.
Then we cut a 2x4 so that it was about 8.5 inches long:
Then we cut out 12 different 3'' squares in coordinating scrapbook paper
and one longer one (8.5''x 1.5" or so)  for the bottom piece:
Then mod podge those babies onto the wood block:
We found a cute font and used Sure-Cuts-A-Lot with the Cricut to cut out our numbers
Ours were 1.5" high. Be sure to use a 6 that can be flipped to be a 9 as well.:
Make sure you use the following numbers for each block:
Block 1 - 0,1,2,3,4,5
Block 2 - 0,1,2,6,7,8

Now you can either ink or chalk the edges of the numbers, but it's totally optional.
Then mod podge them right on.
It doesn't matter in what order, as long as you put the right numbers on the right block.

For the bottom piece, we cut out the word "Countdown" in vinyl and just stuck it right on.

Now you are ready to display your blocks!
Heather and I went with totally different styles of paper, but each turned out awesome:
and mine:
Our kids have loved changing the numbers everyday!

--Clarissa & Heather

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