Sunday, December 5, 2010

simple magnet board

I have seen magnet boards around the blog world a lot,
but it doesn't make them any less cuter!
I was dying to have a larger sized one in my kitchen where I have a rectangle painted red.
Sooo to begin my project I hit the D.I. (thrift store) for an old wood frame.
I came across this one:
I liked it because it was wood (easily paintable and sandable) and it had a cute pattern.
It also didn't have any glass which saved me a step.
It only cost around $2. (I wouldn't pay more than $1-3 for something like this).

Then I drug my little family for a Saturday outing to Home Depot so I could pick up some:
galvanized sheet metal (found in the duct supplies aisle--there were about three different sizes)
a pack of strong magnets (I had to search for these but I finally found them next to picture hanging stuff.)
and some spray paint...
Since my kitchen decor is done in red, black, and white, I decided to go with a glossy black:
Notice I am not using a fancy spray paint--this can cost me 99 cents!
If this were a piece of furniture, I would use a nicer brand. =)

While that was drying, I traced around the fabulous flower painting onto the sheet metal so I could cut it out.
I then cut it out with my regular ol' scissors which I DO NOT recommend--
it was really hard to cut out and probably not the safest way to do it.
I know there are special shears you can buy that is made to cut stuff like this--I will be buying some soon!
 So now that I got it all cut out, I made my cute little magnets.
I just bought a pack of cute buttons at Michael's.
It cost about $4.
I chose some red buttons and glued them onto the strong magnets.
So, cute, right?
And SO easy peasy!
Now I am ready to sand my frame and rough it up a bit:
Then I put the sheet metal into the frame.
There were already nails in the frame that held the flower painting in, so I just slipped it in those.
Then I added a couple nails of my own to hold it in place.
Then I flipped it over...
and it's done!
Here's it hanging in my kitchen:
I hope you like it!
I love how simple and easy it was!


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  1. Wow! I absolutely love it! I am going to make one.

  2. Love the name of your blog - I make this dish all the time! My kids love it. I toss in a tiny pinch of a seasoning that goes with whatever we are having for dinner (cumin with Mexican, oregano with Italian, ginger with Asian) sometimes just to keep them on their toes!


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