About Us

Welcome to Cucumbers & Vinegar!

Who are we?
We are three cousins, Clarissa, Heather, and Katie who love to create! We are constantly crafting, refinishing, painting, and redecorating so we thought why not share our creations and ideas with the blog world!?

What we love:
We are most passionate about thrifting! We can't get enough of finding old, junky, otherwise useless stuff and turning it into something beautiful and fabulous! The before and afters are sometimes mind-blowing!

Where the heck does "Cucumbers & Vinegar" come from?
Well, growing up, our grandmother always made a recipe consisting of freshly cut cucumbers swimming in a bath of white vinegar. Sometimes she threw in a sliced onion and salt and pepper. Delicious.

Because we are such a tight-knit family, we wanted our blog name to mean something to all of us. We love you, Grandma!

Love our ideas?
Sounds good to us! Please use, copy, or alter our creations, just give us some linky love back!

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